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A Deep Dive into Fastpitch Softball Officiating

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Episode 35 - The Mock Umpire Postgame Meeting


In this episode, we take the next step from last episode and act out an example umpire crew postgame conference.

Continuing our Umpie Award-Nominated work from last episode, in this episode we act out a mock postgame discussion. Our scenario is that a two person crew just worked a doubleheader where they each took turns behind the plate. One umpire is more seasoned and the other is more green and a bit reluctant to give candid feedback. We play that out and try to show how to have a respectful discussion between two individuals who just want to get better at their craft. If you have any comments or suggestions, we can be reached at,, or on Facebook - just search for the phrase Umpiring Fastpitch Softball.

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