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Episode 39 - NFHS Rule 10


In this episode, we go over the rulebook and case plays for NFHS Rule 10 - Umpiring.

You know the rulebook governs what rules you're supposed to enforce on the diamond. You know the mechanics manual covers how you're supposed to do it. But, did you know that the rulebook actually has a rule that expressly gives an umpire the power to be the one (or ones) to do it? In this episode, we dive into NFHS Rule 10 - Umpiring and talk about what authority that we've been entrusted with and talk through the scenarios we've been given to understand it better. If you want to weigh in with your opinions, you can email us at, leave a comment at, or comment on this episode on Facebook - just search for Umpiring Fastpitch Softball.

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